Bahria Town has expanded dramatically. As one of the most populated societies, it has room for more than a million people. Bahria Town residents buy ready-to-move-in homes and apartments so they may make use of first-rate amenities. Bahria Town is a residential and commercial development located in Pakistan, that offers a range of investment opportunities for business professionals and real estate investors.

The area has been famous for its attractive infrastructure and amenities, including state-of-the-art security and a range of leisure activities. Commercial projects, plazas, and shopping complexes provide a wide variety of choices for potential buyers and tenants alike. 

The area is also known for its lush green parks and other public spaces, making it an ideal place to settle down and raise a family. Additionally, the presence of reliable public transport links, accessibility to a variety of educational institutions, and proximity to the capital city of Islamabad make Bahria Town a desirable location for those looking for an investment opportunity. With all these features, Bahria Town is a great option for investing in the real estate market.

Facilities you will enjoy while living 

Bahria Town is the ideal destination to live in, with a wide range of facilities available.

  • Location
  • gated neighborhood
  • Security
  • educational establishments
  • Transport
  • Cricket Field
  • Healthcare
  • Additional facilities for recreation

Let’s get into more detail on each of these below

Optimum Location

The location of the project is surprisingly profitable. We must congratulate the developers for picking such a distinctive and fantastic setting for their project. Near PWD Islamabad and Sean Garden, the project is situated along the main motorway. Traffic traveling to Islamabad from all over the nation uses the motorway as their main route. The project is significant since it is close to the Islamabad Expressway and serves as a hub for traffic. Not only would it increase the value of the investments, but it will also make many regions of the city accessible. From Zero Point Islamabad, the project is around a 15-minute drive away.

Gated Community 

Bahria Town is a mega-gated community. It is an exclusive residential area that appeals to buyers from all segments of the market, offering a variety of housing options such as homes, apartments, and plots. The entire neighborhood is designed to provide a tranquil and aesthetically pleasing living experience, with noise pollution kept to a minimum. 

The amenities available in Bahria Town are comparable to those of neighboring gated communities, like DHA. Residents can enjoy a wide range of modern features, such as commercial projects, housing infrastructure, exclusive security systems, and recreational facilities. All of these are designed to provide an elite, luxurious lifestyle that is hard to find elsewhere. 

High-end security

Bahria Town provides its residents with the highest standards of security, ensuring that all of its occupants are able to live peaceful and secure life. Extensive security systems have been installed around the neighborhood, making sure that no theft or burglary goes unnoticed. To make sure that the project remains safe and secure, a knowledgeable and vigilant security team digitally patrols the area. Their constant presence makes sure that any suspicious activities are quickly identified and dealt with swiftly, providing residents with a sense of safety and security.

Educational Institutions

Without the presence of top-notch educational institutions, no town or residential region is likely to enjoy popularity and longevity. Bahria Town has created its own colleges, schools, and universities in light of this. You will never be dissatisfied when it comes to maintaining the living quality in Bahria Town because the community has all of the most modern and necessary amenities. Every resident has the option of enrolling their kids in Roots Millennium School. You might look into other neighboring options for higher education.

Bahria Town Medical Facilities

Bahria Town is home to a cutting-edge medical facility where locals can receive care from experts in all fields of medicine. The personnel of the Bahria International Hospital is skilled in caring for patients of all ages. The hospital provides each patient with top-notch medical facilities, including a 24-hour emergency room, doctors, and technicians who have received worldwide training. To provide high-quality living conditions for Bahria Town inhabitants, the management of Bahria Town has inked contracts with foreign businesses to invest in hospitals and medical facilities for residents to use in the future.



Entertainment venues

Both locals and guests can find a variety of quick food restaurants and elegant dining establishments. People of all ages can find entertainment options in the Carnival Area, which acts as a hub for entertainment. Bahria Town provides everything you might want, including real Arab/Turkish food as well as burgers and pizza.

 Grand Mosque Bahria Town 

Bahria Town is renowned for its large selection of mosques, the most famous being the Malik Riaz Mosque. Located in the heart of the business district of Bahria town phase 8, the mosque has an impressive domed structure and is visible to residents from all parts of the city. It is not only the largest of its kind in Bahria Town, but also in the entire country. The mosque boasts unique architectural elements and is a symbol of unity and faith. Inside, visitors will find sprawling courtyards, intricate chandeliers, and hand-painted tiles. The mosque is also home to a large number of worshippers and an ornate prayer hall. It is considered a popular destination for visitors who are looking to experience a spiritual atmosphere. The Malik Riaz Mosque is a must-visit place in Bahria Town and a testament to its strong faith-based culture.


Bahria Town is host to a wide variety of entertainment and recreational activities. One of its most unique features is its day and night zoo, where visitors can find a collection of exotic animals and birds, including birds of With its lush greenery and modern enclosures, the zoo provides a peaceful and enjoyable experience for all who visit.


Together with the necessities, Bahria Town offers a wealth of amenities for a comfortable lifestyle. A comfortable lifestyle is ensured by cutting-edge security systems, tourist attractions, a private grid station, and great real estate projects. Contact Dmlaak developments for the best prices and ideal locations if you’re interested in learning more about houses for sale in Bahria Town. High life at its best is guaranteed by Bahria Town’s unmatched quality standards. One of the reasons people are eager to buy or rent flats in Bahria Town is because of this.